Every January, I sit down with H.A.’s leadership team to dissect the previous year and discuss what’s in store for the year ahead. After three days of great conversation, and entirely too much pizza, it appears I have enough material to write my first blog of the new year. In short, 2016 was an exhilarating year! I would compare it to driving one of those new, superfast electric cars down the shore on a holiday weekend. There are points in the ride where you are at a complete standstill with nowhere to turn, other points where you try to outsmart your navigation system by maneuvering, or even changing the route altogether, and finally, some areas where it’s open road and you can finally see what they mean by gearless and maximum torque. In the end, that sometimes frustrating, often challenging, but always exciting drive, usually leads to smiles for all involved. At H. A., we enjoy the vehicle, the journey and the destination.

Sticking with the electric car analogy, I would like to think High Availability, Inc. had a major code release in 2016, making the ride even more enjoyable. After 16 years as H.A. Storage Systems, Inc., the company decided to rebrand itself to High Availability, Inc. Although there was an emotional attachment to the original name, it was an easy decision considering how much we’ve evolved over the last decade, becoming a complete datacenter, cloud and managed service provider. We strengthened our sales, engineering and project management office by adding 15 extremely talented members to the H.A. family. We expanded into Washington Metro and grew our Colorado office. We also successfully added a Unified Communication, Microsoft and Hybrid Cloud practice to further enhance our already strong professional services division. These are just a few of the highlights that helped us achieve our eighth straight year of 20+ percent YoY growth, and spots on the Inc. 5000, CRN SP500, CRN Fast Growth 150 and CRN MSP500 lists.  

The journey continues into 2017, as it feels like we are driving 100mph with only 3 miles of visibility, to keep up with this everchanging market. To a guy like me, it’s fun and exciting.  If you ask our CFO, it is gut-wrenching and nerve-racking. We decided it is time to make our largest investment to date by doubling the size of our engineering team. The goal is to continue hiring the most talented, experienced engineers to focus on Network, Security, Microsoft, HCI, IoT, DevOps and Cloud solutions. As you can see, there are many different roads, but we’re determined to create a single highway, with multiple technical lanes, to help our customers get to their destination the quickest way possible, without comprising their safety.  

Before I finish, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers for their guidance, our strategic partners for their innovation, and our extremely talented team for their hard work and dedication. Let’s get one step closer to IT autonomous driving, so I have something to write about next January.  

Steve Eisenhart
Chief Operating Officer
High Availability, Inc.