Utilizing the UCS Capability Catalog

April 4th, 2016
Utilizing the UCS Capability Catalog

I recently worked with a customer who had a UCS environment with UCS 6248 Fabric Interconnects and 5108 blade chassis with B200 M3 servers. They wanted to create a new workload in UCS and sought to boot the OS from the newly purchased 120G SSDs supplied by another Cisco reseller.

Prior to installing any type of hardware in UCS, including new virtual interface cards, CPU, memory, storage controllers, new B and C series servers, etc., we must first determine if the hardware is supported under the specific UCS Manager version. This hardware/software interoperability information can be found in the UCS Manager release notes and release bundle contents. For supported OS/hypervisor software under the UCS system, please consult the hardware/software compatibility matrix.

Unbeknownst to some, this supported hardware information can also be determined directly from UCS Manager itself. Cisco UCS Manager uses a hardware Capability Catalog to update the display and support for hardware components. The Capability Catalog version is determined by the version of Cisco UCS firmware that is currently running. Each UCSM release contains a baseline catalog, and as the UCS firmware is upgraded, UCS Manager immediately updates to the new baseline catalog.

The specific SSD model this customer was trying to install is SKU - UCS PID UCS-SD120G0KS2-EV. Typically, the model number is indicated in the packaging label of the ordered part. In this case, the model number is INTEL SSDSC2BB120G4 , which was not currently supported on their existing firmware. As it turns out, the customer’s UCS environment will need to be upgraded to 2.2(6c) in order to support the newer SSD drive.

The Capability Catalog is accessible under the Admin tab in the Navigational Pane to the left. Under the Work Pane to the right, click on Local Disks and sort by ATA.

As we can see in the screenshot below, under Local Disks, the Intel SSDSC2BB120G4 is supported in UCS firmware 2.2(6c).

Please keep in mind that we should always refer to the UCS Manager release notes and release bundle contents prior to adding new hardware to your UCS environment.

Additionally, taking a look at the UCS Capability Catalog will quickly allow the system administrator to determine whether the hardware is currently supported in the UCS firmware.

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