H. A. Storage is now High Availability, Inc.

July 13th, 2016
H. A. Storage is now High Availability, Inc.

High Availability Storage Systems, Inc. (dba H. A. Storage Systems, Inc.) officially changed its trade name to High Availability, Inc. The name change came as a result of the broadened focus of the company over the years. "When we founded the company, our primary focus was storage and backup. Over the years, we evolved and expanded our focus to grow with the ever-changing needs of our expanding client-base. We felt that a name-change was necessary to properly reflect our offerings as a provider of all data center needs from storage, backup, virtualization, networking, security to collaboration and cloud strategies," said Randy Kirsch, company co-founder. 
H.A. has enjoyed impressive year-over-year growth since its founding in 2000, which has allowed for organic growth of professional services and product offerings. "Where storage assessments, backup implementations and virtualization had been the core of H.A.'s business, around 2013, a change occurred and we found ourselves doing wireless assessments, network architecture and security strategy almost as often, which was a pleasant surprise. We were adding a lot more value to customers in areas outside of our traditional focus, so we thought a re-branding was in order," said Steve Eisenhart, Chief Operating Officer.
High Availability, Inc. has traditionally excelled in the data center infrastructure market and will parlay a long tradition of product integration and professional services focus with its sister company, H. A. Services, LLC, a cloud services company, to provide a comprehensive application-centric enterprise IT management strategy. The combination of the two companies' offerings will allow High Availability, Inc. to provide an end-to-end IT strategy to its customers, focused on aligning IT needs and workloads with optimal on premises and/or cloud based approach. High Availability, Inc. has offices in Audubon, PA, Eden Prairie, MN and Arvada, CO.


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