The Club for your Business

February 7th, 2017
The Club for your Business

Does anyone remember The Club?  Back in the 80’s, a company from Pennsylvania recognized that car locks were easily jimmied, and they devised an affordable steering wheel lock that would become quite recognizable and imitated. The Club was simple and effective in adding another layer of security to protect the car from criminals. The goal wasn’t to provide absolute security, since that would probably be too difficult to use or afford. The goal was to provide enough added security to make the criminals move on to another car.

Multifactor authentication is like The Club for your business. Passwords alone are too easily compromised, just like car door locks. To protect your data and your digital property, you need to add enough security to make the criminals move on to someone else. That’s where multifactor authentication (a.k.a. two-factor authentication) enters our story.

The industry experts define multifactor authentication as something you have and something you know. ATM debit cards are a common example, where the card is the thing you have and the 4-digit PIN is the thing you know. There are other examples, often pioneered in the banking industry, where information security cut its teeth. Some of these, like retinal scans and fingerprint readers, and RSA tokens are too complex or too difficult for most organizations.  But, the multifactor market has matured. The options available today are easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to afford.

The dinosaur in the multifactor space is the RSA hardware token. These little, code-generating keychain annoyances were often lost, misplaced or expired (like milk) if they lived past their expiry date. Modern multifactor options replace the hardware token with a smartphone app, an SMS text with a challenge PIN, or a phone call to a landline with your PIN. This makes using multifactor authentication much simpler for end users.  

Cloud services are also seeing a significant rise in the multifactor market. Services such as Duo Security offer a wide range of integration and security authentication solutions for both corporate and consumer customers. The SaaS delivery model ensures a quick rollout and seamless integration of new features and fixes. Duo Security, and other Cloud services, allow for direct integration with many of the well-known security devices and network hardware that may already exist in your datacenter. Some of these include products from security giants such as Cisco, Citrix, Juniper and Microsoft, as well as cloud services like AWS, Salesforce, Dropbox, Meraki and Okta.

High Availability has the experience to help you add The Club to your business. Speak with a sales representative today about how to make the criminals find someone else to bother.

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