High Availability, Inc. Hosts Star Wars Movie Premiere

December 21st, 2017
High Availability, Inc. Hosts Star Wars Movie Premiere

Last week, High Availability, Inc. welcomed customers and partners alike to the Movie Tavern in Collegeville, PA for an advanced screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The annual movie premiere has been a cornerstone event for High Availability, Inc. since 2012. It’s a chance for the H.A. team to thank customers for their business during the past year and allows for everyone, even our partners, to kick back and relax.

“Our movie premier event is a great chance for our employees, customers, and partners to get together and escape the end-of-year busyness.” Said Greg Robertson, Chief Financial Officer for High Availability, Inc. “The event creates the perfect mixture of industry news, education, and fun,” Robertson added.

However, the event wasn’t as relaxing for our speakers! H.A.’s infamous “Ignite-Style” presentations took place before the film. Speakers from Cisco, NetApp, Quantum, Riverbed, Rubrik, Varonis, Veeam, and High Availability, Inc. had to present an emerging technology or solution from their organization. Although, the H.A. team set forth some abnormally strict rules! Each speaker had only 5 minutes to present and had to utilize 20 slides – no more, no less. The slides were timed to advance every 15 seconds whether the speaker was ready or not.

“The Ignite format was challenging for the speakers, but helpful for the audience.” Explained Pat Hopkins, a speaker from Quantum.  “The speakers had to prepare a short, fast moving but focused message to get their point across. With this style, the audience can quickly absorb valuable information about potential solutions they could bring back to their own organizations. Great format,” Hopkins added.

The most talked about presentation of the evening, which was delivered by Bob McCouch from High Availability, Inc., discussed the most popular emerging technologies from each year a Star Wars film was released. McCouch, a Principal Technologist for High Availability, Inc., discussed everything from the rise of the modern cell phone, big data, and the internet of things.

In short, the High Availability, Inc. movie premier was an enormous success! We can’t wait for next year! Thanks to all our customers and partners for participating in the event.

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