Accessing Virtual Machine Consoles from the High Availability Inc. Customer Portal

March 15th, 2018
Accessing Virtual Machine Consoles from the High Availabilit...

The High Availability Inc. Customer Portal gives users the ability to access a virtual machine's console using our web interface. The Portal features two different ways to open a console.
The first way to access the Virtual Machine console is through the Device Management section of the portal. From the home page, click the ‘Devices Management’ link on the left-hand sidebar, then click ‘Devices’.

The first icon in the row of ‘Shortcuts’ will open the console in a separate window for that corresponding device. The console button may be opened if the icon is green. The icon will appear as disabled, with a gray background, if console access to that device is unavailable. The button may also be red, which indicates that the device is powered off.
Virtual Machine Consoles may also be accessed by clicking on a device name on the ‘Device Management’ page. The portal will then open the management page for the selected device. The individual device page features device information, data graphs, alert and ticket history. The console can be opened by clicking on the ‘Open Console’ tab in the top menu, to the right of the device name.
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