Pending Microsoft Price Hikes May be Your Office 365 Catalyst

September 17th, 2018
Pending Microsoft Price Hikes May be Your Office 365 Catalys...

Looming price increases from Microsoft are designed to make cloud skeptics and organizations with large on-premises footprints take another look at moving to the cloud.

In a recently published article, Microsoft has made clear that they will be raising the price of Office 2019 by ten percent beginning October 1. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, this price jump "represent(s) the significant value added to the product over time and ... better reflect costs and customer demand and align with cloud pricing”

Price isn’t the only thing changing. According to this announcement, beginning with Office 2019, the normal support lifecycle of five years mainstream plus five years extended support is being trimmed down to just two years of extended support. In addition, Microsoft will only support Office 2019 on Windows 10, not Windows 7.

If these changes to Office are not cause enough to reassess your cloud strategy and timelines, get ready to see an increase in your on-premises server licensing costs as well. Come October 1 Windows Server 2019 Operating System licenses, “Productivity” server licenses, such as Exchange, SharePoint and Project Server, and Client Access Licenses (CALs) that enable personal computers to connect and access information on Microsoft servers, and Enterprise CAL and Core CAL suites will all see a ten percent price jump.

Never a Better Time to Migrate

For organizations who continue to hold on to their on-premises infrastructure, the handwriting is on the wall: at least some workloads should be transitioned to the cloud. This price hike from Microsoft presents an opportunity to create a migration strategy designed to modernize your business, increase scalability and flexibility, plus save money in the long run.

Partner for Success

A properly designed and implemented migration to Office 365 and Azure is key to your org’s success and you should not go it alone. Working with an experienced Microsoft partner will allow you to plan the proper migration strategy, prepare your end users and ensure a smooth cloud transformation while controlling potential runaway costs usually found in the “DIY” model.

High Availability is a Microsoft Gold Partner with experience Office 365 and Azure migration specialists who will work together with your IT team to ensure a well-crafted migration that minimizes user impact, reduces downtime (and costs), and gets all your data to the cloud successfully. Contact us today to find out how to begin your cloud transformation.

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