Nutanix Beam – Multi-Cloud Management & Optimization

September 19th, 2018
Nutanix Beam – Multi-Cloud Management & Optimization

On March 1, 2018, Nutanix acquired Minjar Inc (the maker of Botmetric, a service that provides customers with unified cost control and enhanced visibility into their workloads running in public clouds.)  Botmetric, along with Minjar’s other cloud solutions SmartAssist Assurance and SmartAssist Managed Cloud, help enterprises embrace the cloud effectively and optimize their multi-cloud environments for performance and cost.

On May 9, 2018, Nutanix announced Nutanix Beam which leverages code from Minjar Inc’s acquisition.  Beam is a multi-cloud cost optimization service delivered by Nutanix to help organizations gain visibility into cloud spend across multiple cloud environments. Beam enables organizations to multi-cloud with freedom.

Nutanix Beam provides customers the following:

Cost Visibility and Cloud Optimization: Provides businesses with deep visibility into their multi-cloud environment and ability to optimize cloud with one-click. With Beam, you can set policies that continuously maintain high levels of cloud cost efficiency.

Centralized Financial Governance: Beam provides cloud operators and business owners with appropriate tools and controls to track overall cloud spend and map consumption to business units easily.

Intelligent Consumption Planning: Beam uses machine intelligence and recommendation algorithms to analyze workload patterns and continuously suggest optimal purchasing decisions for cloud resources.

Continuous Security Compliance: Beam enhances security management by automating cloud security compliance checks using built-in templates for security policies

Nutanix is taking what was at first an on-prem hyperconverged platform purpose built for virtual workloads and rapidly expanded their capabilities to handle block services, files services, container services and soon to be object services.  When you look at these advancements plus tools like Nutanix Flow (software define network offering), Nutanix CALM (native application orchestration and lifecycle management), Nutanix Xi (DRaaS offering going GA later this year) and now Nutanix Beam (cloud management and optimization), it is clear that Nutanix is not just an HCI platform solution but rather an enterprise cloud solution helping customers put their data where it makes the most sense to their business while maintaining the same level of operational simplicity.

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