Solving Citrix Problems Before They Are Noticed

May 15th, 2019
Solving Citrix Problems Before They Are Noticed

It seems that VDI and DaaS keep growing every year! New solutions are put on the market, and long-term players keep adding new features to their products. But, if you ask me, Citrix is still the #1 player on the market with their virtual apps and desktops solution.

Virtual apps and desktops provide security while working remotely, which is a necessity with the increase in work-from-home positions. While "work-from-home" is the trend, employees aren't always necessarily at home while working. In fact, some employees may prefer to work between meetings and utilize public Wi-Fi. This makes data protection more important than ever.

But, what happens when employees cannot access their virtual desktop infrastructure? As IT admins, we know this situation all too well. The problem is usually easy to fix, but could it have been prevented?

This is where Application Probing comes into play, which can be found in the latest release of Citrix Virtual Apps. With the release of b7.18, admins can now troubleshoot individual applications in addition to clients/hosts, sessions, and users all through Application Probing.

Application Probing works with the Application Probe Agents. These agents are installed on an endpoint machine or VM and periodically test whether an application is available and can be started.

The agent executes application probing as per the probe configuration it fetches from the director. The application probe tests the availability of the tested application on five levels:

StoreFront Reachability – Is the configured StoreFront URL reachable?

StoreFront Authentication – Are the configured StoreFront credentials valid?

StoreFront Enumeration – Is the tested application available in Storefront?

ICA download – Is the ICA file available and can it be downloaded?

Application launch –  Can the application be launched?

The installation of agent configuration is pretty straightforward. The only condition for installing the agent is the availability of Citrix Receiver version 4.8 or higher.

This feature has auto email alerts support, which sends email notifications whenever there is an application launch failure. So, Citrix administrators do not need to log in every day and start being proactive in solving solutions.

Interested in this feature? Take a look at this following Citrix page.

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