• 8 Common Excuses for Not Using a Managed Services Provider

    8 Common Excuses for Not Using a Managed Services Provider

    February 20th, 2020
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    1.  “We wouldn’t be a good fit for a managed services provider. We are very unique!”
      1. We hate to burst your bubble, but you’re not that special, at least when it comes to IT! Yes, your team, goals, mission, etc. are all unique, but every company has the same IT problems when it comes to infrastructure. Whether it be storage, backup, networking, wireless, or anti-virus, similar problems span across all verticals, and we have seen them all before! We assure you, the High Availability, Inc. Managed Cloud Services team can tackle any problem you throw our way.
    2. “We don’t want to lose control of our infrastructure.”
      1. Many IT professionals believe that as soon as you go to a managed services provider (MSP), or even Amazon or Azure, you lose control, but that is not the case! The Managed Cloud Services team at High Availability, Inc. is simply the tool you use to enforce your own rules. We are helping you keep control of your infrastructure! In fact, we bet you will feel more in control of your devices than ever before. Moreover, our team would never make changes without you knowing, but we would argue that your employees might. With us managing and monitoring your infrastructure, you eliminate the ad-hoc and unplanned changes your employees may make on the fly. In short, we are helping YOU implement structured control.
    3. “Our data would be less secure.”
      1. When you protect data for hundreds of clients, you have to be secure. It's not only your data on the line; it's all our customer's data as well! With that being said, we take extra precautions when it comes to security. And, we can guarantee we can secure your data better than you can now, because – it's our job!
    4. “We don’t see the benefit of working with a managed services provider.”
      1. In IT, there are two inevitable truths; hardware breaks and software has bugs. When one of your devices breaks, who is spending the next twenty-some hours fixing it? The people who should be working with the end-users (you), or the people maintaining your infrastructure (us). Let us handle the fires and the hiccups, so you can focus on your day-to-day.
    5. “We do everything already.”
      1. No, you don’t. When was the last time you brainstormed and worked with the lines of business to see what they want to accomplish? Between patching, backups, and general maintenance, do you even have time for anything forward-thinking? Working with H.A.’s Managed Cloud Services team will allow you to work on the big picture items, while we take care of the nitty-gritty.
    6. “We have monitoring.”
      1. Okay, so you have monitoring, but do you actually use it, and do you use it correctly? Most of our customers that have monitoring today don’t properly maintain it, and it becomes white noise... some of them even turn it off completely! At H.A., monitoring is our world. We make changes, move things around, and change thresholds daily! Moreover, while most companies review their infrastructure on an annual basis, we work it in your contract at regular intervals.
    7. “My team doesn’t mind patching.”
      1. They are lying to you. No one likes patching. Who wants to be patching at 3:00 A.M. on a weekend? Not your team since it’s not regular working hours. And, how do you compensate them? Time and a half? Give them off on Monday? Well, our team is already working. In fact, the Managed Cloud Services team at High Availability, Inc. is working 24x7x365. Moreover, our Level 1 and Leve 2 support desk team is all U.S. based (and will always be!). Additionally, unlike some MSPs, we don’t outsource our IT. When you have an issue, no matter the day or time, you will also be working with an H.A. team member.
    8. “I don’t want to reduce headcount.”
      1. If the objective of bringing in a managed service provider is to reduce your headcount…you’re doing something wrong. A managed service provider should never be brought in to replace your team; the MSP should be brought in to reallocate your team. An MSP, like the Managed Cloud Services team at High Availability, Inc., will allow them to work with other lines of business and take on higher-value tasks that only an internal person can accomplish.
  • High Availability, Inc. Recognized on CRN’s 2020 MSP500 List

    High Availability, Inc. Recognized on CRN’s 2020 MSP500 List

    February 19th, 2020
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    High Availability, Inc. Recognized on CRN’s 2020 MSP500 List 

    Audubon, PA, February 19th, 2020 - High Availability, Inc. announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company has named High Availability, Inc. to its 2020 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the Elite 150 category. This popular list identifies North American solution providers that deliver operational efficiencies, IT system improvements, and a higher rate of return on investments for their customers. These accomplished MSPs work tirelessly to guide their customers and create solutions for complex IT issues.

    This annual list is divided into three categories: the MSP Pioneer 250 who are focused primarily on the SMB market; the MSP Elite 150, large data center-focused on- and off-premises; and the Managed Security 100 made up of off-premises-focused, cloud-based IT security services.

    “MSPs are the critical bridge for customers looking to assess, implement and migrate their IT and cloud solutions to drive efficiencies, lower costs and secure your environment,” said Bob Skelley, CEO of The Channel Company. “On behalf of our team at The Channel Company, I want to congratulate the accomplished companies on CRN’s 2020 MSP 500 list and thank them for their commitment to finding innovative solutions that move the IT channel forward.”

    The MSP500 list will be featured in the February 2020 issue of CRN and online at  

    High Availability, Inc. is a premier solution provider and integrator of data center products and cloud services. High Availability, Inc. solves complex business challenges by architecting and implementing forward-thinking technical solutions, while forming trusting, collaborative relationships. By taking a hands-on, consultative approach, the High Availability, Inc. team creates custom tailored systems and solutions to fit both current requirements and future IT and business needs.


    Media Contact:

    For more information about High Availability, Inc., please contact Liz Thompson, Marketing Manager, at (610) 254-5090 ext. 256 or

  • IT Leader Spotlight: Barry Steinberg, Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP

    IT Leader Spotlight: Barry Steinberg, Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP

    February 5th, 2020
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    The High Availability, Inc. team has worked with a lot of incredibly talented IT professionals over the last 19 (almost 20!) years. To celebrate our customers and their achievements, we will be highlighting a CIO from our network each quarter!

    For our second IT Leader Spotlight, we had the opportunity to sit down with Barry Steinberg, IT Director at Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP


    Q: Where did you go to school? And, what did you study?

    BS: I attended North Texas State University and UT Arlington, earning a B.B.A. in Management, followed by an M.B.A. in Information Systems at Pace University in New York.


    Q: Did you always want to work in IT? What sparked your interest?

    BS: My father was a Data Processing Manager in the toy, plastics, and consumer goods industries.  Sometimes as a (very!) young kid, I would go to work with him and was fascinated by all the various computing equipment; back then, we’re talking about keypunch machines, tabulators, collators, sorters.  Program logic was handled by a wiring “plug board” and database information such as product inventory, sales transactions, etc. was stored in trays of punched cards.  The early IBM mainframe computers eventually replaced these machines tape drives.  Anyways, I was hooked.


    Q: Tell us about your career path…

    BS: I was hired by Ross Perot’s Electronic Data Systems (EDS) after college and worked as a programmer analyst writing COBOL and OS/JCL on IBM mainframes.  I also worked in the marketing support group, which was responsible for responding to federal, state and local government services contract RFPs.  I then spent a few years at American Broadcasting Companies as a business systems analyst before becoming the IT Director at a Wall Street law firm.  During my time there we implemented an early document management system on Wang computers and networked PCs; that stint also included my first large office move.  My next position was at a firm in northern NJ, where my team was responsible for all network operations, business and productivity applications, user training and support.  After 9/11, I took some time to complete my MCDBA and PMP certifications before arriving at my current firm in 2003.


    Q: Tell us about your organization…

    BS: One of Delaware’s largest law firms, Young Conaway counsels and represents international, national and local clients, handling sophisticated advisory and litigation matters involving bankruptcy, corporate law, and intellectual property.  The firm also guides regional businesses and individuals through a myriad of employment, personal injury, real estate, tax, estate planning, environmental, and banking issues.  I report to the COO and lead a 10+ person team responsible for 24x7x365 network operations, data security, application software, e-discovery, A/V, and client services technical support.


    Q: What technology or business initiatives will be most important in driving your IT objectives for the next year?

    BS: Over the last few years, our efforts have focused on implementing and supporting upgrades of many of the firm’s business and desktop productivity systems.  At the same time, we also upgraded most of our Data Center and network infrastructure and strengthened our data security posture.  This year, our priorities include expanding our mobile device application portfolio and continuing our information governance and security awareness initiatives.


    Q: What does a typical day look like for you? How do you keep yourself productive?

    BS: I spend time each day addressing issues of immediate concern to senior firm management, IT team members, and our attorney and administrative user community.  Most days also feature a mix of projects, operations, and user support meetings.  A typical day might also include discussions with outside vendors or with internal customers reviewing resource requirements, schedule constraints, etc.  I routinely move between strategic, tactical, and operational roles as the work requires Whenever possible, I try to communicate, coordinate and/or delegate and then get out of the way and let people do their jobs.


    Q: What roles or skills are you having difficulty filling – if any?

    BS: The firm is fortunate to have a mature team of outstanding technology professionals, so filling open positions has not been much of an issue over the past few years.  When in need of specific technology project skills, we reach out to trusted partners such as High Availability, Inc.


    Q: What advice would you give aspiring CIOs?

    BS: Spend time learning the business, the industry, and building relationships.  Sharpen your writing and listening skills and seek out speaking engagements.  Look for opportunities to provide guidance and give credit to others.  Share your strengths and allow others to share theirs with you.  Tackle failure with a commitment to future success.  Under-promise and over-deliver.  All very cliché, but true.


    Q: What is your proudest professional accomplishment so far?

    BS: I currently work with the best technology team that I have been associated with, meeting the ever-demanding service needs of a premier law firm while helping each of these IT team members achieve their individual professional goals.


    Q: What has been the most meaningful aspect of your engagement with High Availability, Inc.?

    BS: Starting with their role in standing up and hosting the firm’s disaster recovery solution, our engagement with H.A. has grown significantly over time.  As new technology needs have arisen, H.A.’s engineering services, sales, and support teams have contributed significant project expertise and guidance in achieving successful outcomes for the firm.  An outstanding technology partner!

  • Customer Spotlight: Marlin Capital Solutions

    Customer Spotlight: Marlin Capital Solutions

    February 4th, 2020
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    The High Availability, Inc. team has worked with a lot of incredibly talented IT teams over the last twenty years. To celebrate our customers and their achievements, we will be highlighting one of our customers each quarter!

    For our second Customer Spotlight, we had the opportunity to sit down with Craig Green, Assistant Vice President Enterprise Infrastructure at Marlin Capital Solutions. 


    Q: What is your role within the organization? 

    CG: I am the Assistant Vice President of Enterprise Infrastructure


    Q: Tell us about your organization… 

    CG: [Marketing] Since 1997, Marlin has been a nationwide provider of equipment and software financing, specializing in providing innovative financing solutions for small businesses. We finance a wide array of commercial equipment across many different industries. To round out our financing solutions, we also offer working capital loans for any type of business need such as expansion, inventory, staffing, and more. 


    Q: What is your #1 product/service/offering? 

    CG: [Marketing] Marlin specializes in a fast, easy process to obtain financing, whether it’s equipment financing or a working capital loan. 


    Q: What do you wish the other departments at Marlin Capital Solutions knew about your department? 

    CG: That IT does more than just support tickets, major projects are being worked on all the time.


    Q: What is the most important thing you are working on right now? 

    CG: We are currently implementing a new Unified Communications platform companywide.


    Q: What are your team’s greatest strengths? 

    CG: I consider Marlin’s IT teams greatest strength to be its dedication and understanding of the business. Also, doing a lot with a little. We are not a large IT department but find ways to produce quality large amounts of work each year.


    Q: What are your top 3 IT initiatives over the next 12 months?

    • Salesforce implementation across several departments
    • Unified Communications system implementation
    • Cybersecurity initiatives


    Q: What is the biggest challenge your team is currently facing? 

    CG: Keeping up with all the new cybersecurity threats.


    Q: When did you start working with High Availability, Inc.? 

    CG: We started working with H.A. in March of 2013.


    Q: Why did you pick High Availability, Inc. as your trusted advisor? 

    CG: Prior experience working with HA at my previous company.  Their technical knowledge is the best I have ever experienced compared against any other vendor.


    Q: In what areas has H.A. helped transform your business? 

    CG: Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Enterprise LAN/WAN Networking, Security and Storage.  The rapid rate at which we grew our environment call for some major changes and HA was there with us every step of the way.


    Q: What do you predict your team will be working on in the next 3-5 years? 

    CG: Over the next 3 to 5 years, we will continue improving our networking infrastructure, cybersecurity, and cloud-based initiatives with the help of HA.


    Q: Describe your H.A. sales rep in three words – be nice! 

    CG: Steve Eisenhart is honest, knowledgeable, and customer-oriented. 


  • 10 Vendor Events You Should Consider for 2020

    10 Vendor Events You Should Consider for 2020

    January 9th, 2020
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    10 Vendor Events You Should Consider for 2020

    January is always a busy month. Between the post-holiday rush and attempting to get back into the swing of things at the office, it can seem overwhelming! However, the month of January is critical for setting up your 2020 schedule, which is where vendor events/tradeshows come in. Since we know you are most likely swamped with 2020 planning initiatives and attempting to clean out your inbox, the High Availability, Inc. team has taken on the task of sifting through the top vendor events you need to consider for your 2020 schedule.

    *listed in order of occurrence


    1. NVIDIA'S GPU Technology Conference
    • March 22nd - 26th | San Jose McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA

    Why you should attend...

    • 600+ sessions on dozens of topics
    • Hands-on training facilitated by Deep Learning Institute certified instructors
    • "Office Hours" with NVIDIA engineers and researchers

                        Click Here for more information


    1. Dell Technologies World
    • May 4th - May 7th | The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV

    Why you should attend...

    • Hands-on training facilitated by Dell experts
    • 300+ sessions with multiple tracks, including; Technology, IT Leadership, Emerging, Trends, and much more...
    • Dell always has great entertainment. While we don't know who is set to headline this year, Dell has previously hosted Sting, David Blaine, Gwen Stefani, Weezer, Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons...

    Click Here for more information


    1. VeeamON
    • May 4th - May 6th  | ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

    Why you should attend...

    • 50+ sessions with multiple tracks including; Vision & Strategy, Cloud-Powered, Architecture and Design, - Operations & Support, Deep Tech, and much more...
    • Access to VCME training
    • Veeam booked the Drai nightclub for their infamous VeeamOn party!

    Click Here for more information


    1. ZertoCON
    • May 18th - May 20th | Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood, FL

    Why you should attend...

    • Hands-on labs led by Zerto experts
    • Form a hacking team and participate in Zerto's second annual "Hackathon"
    • Specialized "Women in Tech" networking opportunities

    Click Here for more information


    1. Cisco Live
    • May 31st - June 4th | Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

    Why you should attend...

    • Opportunities for 1:1 guidance with Cisco experts
    • 1,000+ sessions focusing on the Cloud, 5G, WI-FI6, and much more...
    • Participate in hands-on training and certification classes
    • The musical act is still TBD, but in previous years Cisco hosted the Foo Fighters, Lenny Kravitz, Aerosmith, Sam Hunt, and many more!

    Click Here for more information


    1. Palo Alto Ignite
    • June 1st - June 4th | Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX

    Why you should attend...

    • Opportunities for 1:1 guidance with Palo Alto experts
    • Access to certification exams

    Click Here for more information


    1. Nutanix .NEXT
    • June 30th - July 2nd | McCormick Place, Chicago, IL

    Why you should attend...

    • 100+ sessions focused on hyperconvergence, hybrid cloud, DevOps, automation, security, and much more...
    • Access to certification exams
    • Impressive speaker line-up, including;
      • Luvvie Ajayi, Award-Winning Author, and Digital Strategist
      • Mike Rowe, Executive Producer, Host, and Best-Selling Author
      • Simon Sinek, British-American author, and motivational speaker

    Click Here for more information


    1. Microsoft Inspire
    • July 19th - July 23rd | Las Vegas, NV

    *Very limited details available, but this is one you don't want to miss!*

                        Click Here for more information


    1. VMware's VMworld
    • August 30th - September 3rd | San Francisco, CA

    Why you should attend...

    • Numerous session tracks including Cloud, Networking & Security, Digital Workspace, Emerging Trends, and much more...
    • Access to certification exams
    • One of the biggest shows in the industry....with 21,000+ attendees, 230+ sponsors, and 86+ countries definitely won't be bored!

    Click Here for more information


    1. Kubertetes's KubeCon
    • November 17th - 20th | Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston, MA

    Why you should attend...

    • Over 10,000+ attendees
    • 35% developers attendees
    • 77% technical attendees
    • 100+ sessions, including technical classes, deep-dives, case studies, and much more...

    Click Here for more information

  • High Availability, Inc. Hosts Star Wars Movie Premiere

    High Availability, Inc. Hosts Star Wars Movie Premiere

    December 30th, 2019
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    Earlier this month, High Availability, Inc. welcomed customers and partners alike to the Movie Tavern in Collegeville, PA, for an advanced screening of Star Wars: The Return of Skywalker. The annual movie premiere has been a cornerstone event for High Availability, Inc. since 2012. It's a chance for the H.A. team to thank customers for their business during the past year and allows for everyone, even our partners, to kick back and relax.

    "A lot of our customers love Star Wars! We are thrilled we get the chance to offer our customers the chance to see the film early and escape the end of the year rush. This event is a great way to kick back and relax," said Liz Thompson, Marketing Manager for High Availability, Inc. "The event produces the ideal blend of industry happenings, education, and fun," Thompson added.

    However, the event wasn't as relaxing for our speakers! H.A.'s infamous "Ignite-Style" presentations took place before the film on the big screens. Speakers from NetApp, Cohesity, Nutanix, Zerto, Zix, Duo, Palo Alto, and High Availability, Inc. had to perform a fast-paced powerpoint presentation with "The Rise of..." built into the title to pay homage to the film's title (The Rise of Skywalker).  Each speaker had only 5 minutes to present and had to utilize 20 slides – no more, no less. The slides were timed to advance every 15 seconds whether the speaker was ready or not.

    "The Ignite format is super challenging for our presenters, but the presentations always turn out incredible because the speakers put so much thought and time into them," explained Victoria Clery, Office Manager & Marketing Specialist for High Availability, Inc. "Plus, the audience tends to pay attention to the presentations since the format is so fast-paced!"

    The most talked-about presentation of the evening, which was delivered by Bob McCouch from High Availability, Inc., entitled "The Rise of the Internet," highlighted tech advancements in correlation to Star Wars movies. McCouch, a Principal Technologist for High Availability, Inc., discussed everything from the age of research, to first domain names, and the mobile revolution!

    In short, the High Availability, Inc. movie premiere was an enormous success! Thanks to all our customers and partners for participating in the event.

  • Backing up NAS Workloads with Cohesity

    Backing up NAS Workloads with Cohesity

    November 15th, 2019
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    In our data-driven world, Network Attached Storage such as SMB, CIFS, and NFS tends to account for a significant part of storage infrastructure.  The so-called "unstructured data" continues to grow at a rapid pace.  According to Wikipedia, Unstructured Data is defined as "Information that neither does not have a pre-defined data model or is not organized in a predefined manner."  It's a rather vague term, but in my mind what this really means, is all the stuff that we collect in our home directories, folders, and department shares.  It can range from text-heavy documents, spreadsheets, pdf files, audio, video, analog data, and the list goes on.  Regardless of how it's described, it's your data, it's still important, and needs to be protected.

    Cohesity's DataPlatform and DataProtect software includes NAS Data Protection that addresses this very need.  It provides full data protection that can backup and restores at the file level or entire volumes.  This software from Cohesity uses a simple policy-driven protection scheme and is very easy to set up and manage.

    The first step is to "Register Storage Array" as a source.  In my case, I am using a NetApp cluster.  Simply add the admin interface IP (or hostname) and corresponding credentials and wow, that was easy it's registered as a target.

    Once this is complete, Go to Sources in the GUI and you will see the NetApp listed with cluster name.  Click on the name and you will then be able to see and browse all the objects on the cluster.

    Again, for me, I have an NFS share in my "prod_svm" that is called Data_Share which I am looking to protect.  I click on "protect" and select that particular share and then create the protection job. One thing to note is that you can select the entire thing and have it auto-protect all volumes.  In this particular lab, I do not want to protect the VMware NFS stores…. just a particular volume with unstructured data.  My NAS policy is complete, and I let it begin to process and run.

    The job completes successfully, and I now have a backup of all the data on my NAS share.

    Now let's say, for instance, I lost a very important file.  It's not in the local NetApp snapshot, it's been corrupted for a while…. choose your scenario.  At the main Cohesity UI, I can pick "Recover" and then "Files and Folders" and with a simple query, all my files are listed that we're backed up.  With Cohesity's search function, it's very easy to search for names or types of files to restore.

    In this example, I've lost "file005.bin" and so with a single mouse click I can then download the file and keep on working.

    Of course, it doesn't have to end there with a local copy.  With Cohesity, it's possible to add external targets to easily replicate the data to another site or archive it to another NAS, and of course, send it to the cloud as well.

    Now imagine, if you will, that we had some catastrophic event that caused both of my controllers in the NetApp to crash, burn, or self-destruct.  Wouldn't it be awesome if I could just mount that same data volume on my backup device and have users access it there?With Cohesity, I can recover that entire volume as a "Cohesity View" which in simple terms is nothing more than a NAS mount for CIFS and/or NFS.

    With a few clicks, I now have my volume that was backed up to the Cohesity, running on the Cohesity DataPlatform with a usable mount point.  I can hop on over to my Linux box and mount this as an NFS share and keep on working.

    So…. take some time and investigate this next generation of backup technology.  The Cohesity DataPlatform and DataProtect software offer a simple and convenient way to protect unstructured data, especially in a NAS environment.

  • Customer Spotlight: Listrak

    Customer Spotlight: Listrak

    October 18th, 2019
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    The High Availability, Inc. team has worked with a lot of incredibly talented IT teams over the last 19 (almost 20!) years. To celebrate our customers and their achievements, we will be highlighting one of our customers each quarter!

    For our first Customer Spotlight, we had the opportunity to sit down with Dave Lechlitner, Listrak's Director of Information Technology...

    Q: What is your role within the organization?

    DL: I am the Director of the Information Technology department.

    Q: Tell us about your organization…

    DL: Listrak Inc. is a privately-held digital marketing SaaS company.  As an established leader in the multi-channel marketing industry, Listrak works with more than 1000 retailers and brands to accelerate growth, drive engagement, and deliver significant incremental revenue.  Fueled by artificial intelligence, actual human intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics, the Listrak platform boasts a comprehensive set of marketing automation solutions to reach and retarget customers throughout their lifecycle with optimized email, SMS/MMS, and mobile push messages.  With Listrak, retailers gain more than just a technology platform; they are opting into a long-term partnership with retail marketing experts who will become an extension of their team to help execute and meet revenue goals..

    Q: What is your #1 product/service/offering?

    DL: Cross channel marketing and analytic tools for eCommerce companies are core to Listrak’s service offerings.

    Q: What is the most important thing you are working on right now?

    DL: My department is working on deploying a full Docker Containerization solution to our environment.  We are constantly growing our customer base, which means we are also expanding our footprints in our datacenters as well as in AWS.

    Q: What are your team’s greatest strengths?

    DL: I contribute a large part of my team’s success to their technical knowledge and dedication to Listrak.  The IT Department has very little turn-over, so my engineers are not only highly experienced in the various operating systems, back-end applications/databases, and infrastructure, but they also understand how those pieces interact with our SaaS platform.

    Q: What are your top 3 IT initiatives over the next 12 months?

    DL: The top 3 IT initiatives over the next 12 months are:

    • The top initiative for the next 12 months is to continue to grow, mature, and utilize our containerization environment within the Listrak platform.
    • A second initiative for the IT Department is to move additional services to an active-active design regionally.
    • The third IT initiative in 2020 is to continue to expand our environments in both our SaaS and Corporate sites – due to business growth.

    Q: What is the biggest challenge your team is facing currently?

    DL: The biggest challenge for Listrak’s IT department is to embrace emerging technologies while supporting legacy solutions.  Both of which play key roles in our environment.

    Q: When did you start working with High Availability, Inc.?

    DL: I brought High Availability, Inc. to Listrak nine years ago, but I had worked with H.A. at a previous employer for at least 10 years prior to that.

    Q: Why did you pick High Availability, Inc. as your trusted advisor?

    DL: I chose High Availability, Inc as Listrak’s trusted technology advisor for many reasons.  They are extremely responsive, whether they are asked for a quote or technical feedback.  Their prices are very competitive, and their engineers are among the best I’ve ever worked with.  

    Q: It what areas has H.A. helped transform your business?

    DL: H.A. has helped Listrak in a number of areas as we went through rapid growth.  Their engineers became an extension of the Listrak IT staff until we could bring the necessary technical skills in house.  Listrak is always researching and testing new technologies, and we’ve found H.A. to be an early adopter of the new technologies we are considering.

    Q: What do you predict your team will be working on in the next 3-5 years?

    DL: I anticipate over the next 3 – 5 years that IT departments will continue to mature their DevOps roles and will need to further embrace software driven infrastructure solutions.  The lines between the software development teams and infrastructure teams will become less rigid.

    Q: Describe your H.A. sales rep in three words – be nice!

    DL: Steve’s the best!

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