If you are not familiar with Cohesity, you should be and here’s why!!!

The problems with non-primary data:

·        Fragmentation – Multiple silos and vendors

·        Inefficient – Multiple copies and overprovisioned

·        Dark Data – Poor visibility and compliance risks

Why should you care???

The vast majority of an organization’s data—approximately 80 percent—is not actively in use in primary systems. Its data is stored in backups, archives, file shares, object stores, test and development systems, and analytics datasets both onsite and across public and private clouds.

How does Cohesity help?

They eliminate mass data fragmentation, by consolidating data management silos, and enabling IT to extract more value from their data in all the following use cases:

So if you already knew all that, then you might be interested in hearing what’s new!

Cohesity recently releases Pegasus 6.4 with A TON of new features that are certainly worth a look.

To name a few:

Runbook Automation

·        With 6.4, Cohesity introduces the ability to architect, orchestrate, and automate critical data management workflows, helping address the most significant unsolved challenges in disaster recovery. Now on MarketPlace, Cohesity Runbook makes it simple to systematically move workloads between on-premises data centers and the public cloud

Enhanced Oracle and SAP Data Protection

·        Gain more control for Oracle RAC data protection. Define and configure the number of nodes and channels for backup and recovery across the entire RAC system. Speed on your terms has never been easier.

·        Protect Oracle environments, now on AIX. Have more options and protect Oracle workloads, regardless of the operating environment.

·        Simplify SAP HANA data protection. Leverage a stronger integration with SAP HANA: manage and view your most critical HANA data protection workflows, all from Cohesity.

Simplified Data Management

·        Simplify workflows and see your data with a next-generation user interface. A redefined, modern user interface drives effortless data management, simply giving you more granular control.

·        Enhance security and simplicity with single sign-on, now with the leading identity providers. Improve the authentication user experience and integrate in minutes with Okta, Duo, Ping Identity, ADFS, and Azure Active Directory.

·        Leverage Helios to manage data and applications, now on-premises. Benefit from Helios, even in your most secure environments. With the ability to run in the cloud, and now, on-premises, Helios supports your infrastructure no matter where you are.

·        Protect your investment with a more flexible, non-disruptive scale-out. Combine Cohesity C2000 and C4000 appliances in a single cluster for increased flexibility as you scale.

Cloud Enhancements

·        Run natively on AWS GovCloud and Azure Government Cloud. AWS and Azure customers have broad data management capabilities for secured government clouds that include backup and recovery, long-term retention, and analytics.

·        Leverage AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive for long-term data retention.

Effortless Backup and Recovery for Containers

·        Bring seamless backup, recovery, and data management to modern infrastructure with application-consistent backup and recovery for containerized workloads. With native integration with Kubernetes and the most popular container clustering and orchestration tools, Cohesity protects persistent application metadata and context – safeguarding the entire app, not just its data.

These are just some of the enhancements that have recently been released along with many others. If your business is currently evaluating solutions in any of these areas, please call your HA rep and ask them to set up a meeting so we can chat ASAP:

·        Data Protection

·        Disaster Recovery

·        Business Continuity

·        Cloud

·        Archive

·        NAS

·        Object

·        Data Analytics