Azure + Veeam Technical Training

June 04, 2018
Azure + Veeam Technical Training

Learn the basics of Microsoft Azure and Veeam’s Cloud Recovery strategy.

You’re invited to join High Availability, Inc. for a Microsoft Azure and Veeam technical workshop at our office in Audubon, PA.

To maintain growth, you need flexible IT infrastructure that scales on demand and meets your unique business needs. The right mix of technologies, like the combination of Microsoft Azure and Veeam’s Cloud Recovery, can help your organization to easily scale apps, services, and storage up or down to meet fluctuating demand.

But...what else is Azure capable of? And, how does Veeam play a role?

In this workshop, we will discuss:

- Understanding the basics of the Azure subscription
- Building simple web applications in Azure
- Using Veeam to restore to Microsoft Azure
- Understanding the Veeam restore workflow (prerequisites, initial configuration, etc...)

As always, breakfast and lunch are on us!
Don’t forget to bring your laptop and charger.

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