Puppet Technical Workshop

November 15, 2017
Puppet Technical Workshop

You’re invited to join High Availability, Inc. and Puppet for a DevOps workshop at our office in Audubon, PA. No matter where you're at in your DevOps journey, you'll walk away with an initial plan in hand to scale DevOps at your organization.

To remain competitive, you’ve got to constantly provide great software to your customers. That means simultaneously responding more quickly to business needs while also providing stable, secure and predictable services. In this half day workshop, we’ll explore the following:

Are you a Broker to the Future, or a Keeper of the Past?
Digital transformation requires IT to balance keeping the lights on while at the same time prioritizing innovation to cultivate high performance. At the foundation of this is DevOps. It’s a better way to keep up, become more agile and deliver value at the speed of business. 

Laying the Foundation for DevOps
How to build the case for DevOps and the key cultural and technical practices of high-performing IT teams.

The Role of Puppet & Automation for DevOps
Learn more about Puppet and how it fits into the DevOps tool chain.

Mapping DevOps Into Your Own Practice + Job Area
A practical exercise exploring how what you’ve learned can be applied into your organization and role

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain practical DevOps insights and network with your peers.

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*Breakfast and lunch provided

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