On Wednesday, May 24, NetApp named High Availability, Inc. their Overall Partner of the Year - PA Disctrict for FY17. This is the fifth consecutive year H.A. received this award for outstanding service and partnership with NetApp.

 NetApp Channel Development Manager, Dan Repka remarked, "I am pleased once again to congratulate the awesome team at High Availability Inc. for their recognition as Top Producer for NetApp’s PA/DE Sales District for our fiscal 2017. NetApp has strong momentum in the sector, as referenced in our Q4 earnings announcement, and it is hugely due to our strong partner community, where High Availability Inc. sits among the best! I am always in awe of the capabilities and culture at High Availability Inc., as they assist their customers managing their most important asset – data. NetApp is proud to have them as a key strategic partner."

Steve Eisenhart, High Availability, Inc. Chief Operating Officer, responded to the award stating, "H.A. Inc. is honored to receive this award for the 5th year in a row.  NetApp continues to be one of our best and most strategic business partners. They have an unbelievable team here in the Mid-Atlantic, and some of the most innovative engineers around the globe. We look forward to continuing our success, and strengthening our NetApp partenership even more in FY18.” 

Everyone at High Avabilability, Inc. would like to thank NetApp for this recognition and a wonderful partnership.