Being the superhero of IT is not an easy job.  Fighting crime, helping citizens, keeping peace, all in a day's work.  Avoiding disaster is one of the IT superhero's duties that can be quiet, and behind the scenes.  It can also be costly and risky, hard to budget and hard to plan.

Two of DR's arch enemies - Cost and Risk!

Fortunately, moving your DR into the cloud can fight cost and fight risk.  Let's look at some of the top reasons a cloud-based DR solution can help save money and leap tall pitfalls.

Managing a DR Location
Cost: Buying or leasing a secondary IT location can be a huge infrastructure undertaking.  Moving to the cloud often requires little infrastructure purchasing, as space, power, cooling and connectivity can all be rolled up into a single lower expense.

Risk: Cloud based data centers are designed with risk avoidance in mind.  Redundant power and internet into the datacenter can achieve nearly 100% uptime.
Cost:  Purchasing DR equipment can be a costly and shocking endeavor.  Replicating production equipment that has its own maintenance costs and software licensing cost is many times difficult to justify the huge Capital Expenditure from a budget perspective.  Cloud space, with its potential for co-location and virtualization of hardware make total economic sense.  Entire DR solutions can be leased from month to month, making an easier to justify Operational Expense.

Risk: Many times, due to budget, space, internet speed, or other factors, legacy DR solutions can have shortcuts created to avoid some of these challenges.  Every time a shortcut is introduces, a risk is created.  Having a cloud based Operational Expensed design allows for design and implementation for a complete solution, without cutting corners.

Cost: Hiring additional resources to manage DR equipment, and connections can be pricey.  Having a cloud provider manage the DR solution can offload the need to hire staff or have staff make frequent trips to and from a legacy DR location.

Risk:  Having the expertise of dedicated DR professionals at the ready eliminates the risks of using internal staff that may not be comfortable with the design and implementation of maintaining a true DR solution.

Cost:  Designing a legacy DR solution means creating, deploying and maintaining a replica of a full production environment.   Staff must coordinate with multiple hardware vendors, software vendors, and internet providers to maintain the DR environment.  Having a DR test plan and conducting test can be a coordination nightmare.  Having a single cloud service provider design, implement and maintain the full DR environment means a single vendor can be tasked with disaster testing and plan validation.

Risk:  Relying on many partners in the event of a disaster presents challenges and risks in recovery, timing, tasks and ownership if an event should occur.  Having a single provider that can "flip the DR switch" and fail over a production environment to the DR location.

Being a superhero can be as simple as making a call and finding a partner up in the clouds.