The ever-expanding capabilities of the cloud continue to change with new technologies and new software offerings. Staying current with these new options can be very time consuming.

High Availability, Inc. provides the resources and experts to help design the appropriate cloud integrated solution for your organization. H. A. will help determine and manage the movement of assets that can be migrated to the cloud, based on several key factors such as performance, features, budget, and strategic goals. 

Private Cloud


The core infrastructure of our private cloud offering is built upon NetApp, Cisco, and VMware. We maintain datacenters in all three power grids to offer true geographical diversity, and we connect these locations through a diverse, private, 10 Gb network.  

High Availability, Inc’s private cloud has been built on the ITIL framework, utilizing the policies and procedures of Incident, Change, and Problem management that pass the SOC II Type II audit in Availability, Security, and Confidentiality.

Public Cloud


By utilizing our private dedicated high speed connections to the public cloud, your organization will access the public cloud at a fraction of the retail cost. 

Certain applications perform best, and make most sense, operating in the public cloud. High Availability, Inc. can help identify those applications, develop migration strategies, and maintain optimum performance. 

Hybrid Cloud


The current cloud landscape often leads organizations to a hybrid model, where each application is placed where it can best be serviced. Certain applications may require the hyper-scale growth capabilities that the public cloud can offer, while other applications may be required to sit closer in proximity to end users, or may be more cost effectively built and maintained in a private cloud.

High Availability, Inc. augments its resources with public cloud resources to meet a variety of needs. We maintain multiple private high speed connections into the public cloud, allowing your organization to access the public cloud more securely and cost effectively than if done in-house.

Infrastructure as a Service


A cloud strategy is becoming more necessary to meet current business plans. Leveraging the leading technology in compute and storage, High Availability, Inc. meets your needs to build your infrastructure in the cloud, or to support your on-premise infrastructure in the cloud. H. A. maintains environments in all three power grids in the Unites States, and connects all locations with a private 10 Gb fiber network. 

Leveraging the H. A. infrastructure:

  • We can provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to meet your expanding production needs. You can leverage the cloud model to expand resources on a temporary basis and help offset unplanned growth.
  • Leveraging the native tools within industry leading software platforms, you can set up offsite replication to protect your organization’s data using a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) model. With clearly defined Recovery Time objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), we can help minimize risks, prevent data loss, and meet business defined Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • The task of monitoring and managing daily backups can be one of the most time consuming in IT organizations.  By allowing H. A. to take ownership of your backup environment, you can detach your staff from this task and allow them to focus on the business needs. Through the Backup as a Service (BaaS) model, H. A. will monitor and remediate any job failures. Clients have the option to utilize our dedicated, high speed connections to the public cloud for long term archival.

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