Jarett K.

Jarett Kulm - Principal Technologist - HS 2

Jarett K.

Principle Technologist

Jarett ‘JK-47,’ started his career over 20 years ago, coding Perl-based online pizza ordering systems for one of the first online malls. Since then, he has held a diverse range of roles, from analyst and bug hunting at Oracle, to working for Air Force Space Command doing things he can't disclose without black helicopters hunting all of us.  You may have seen him speaking at security and storage conferences.  JK was a client of H.A. for 7 years before joining the team.  Having been in the shoes of our clients, he has special insight into their needs. Every solution he speaks to is one he wants to be proud of and say, "We built that!”  @JK47TheWeapon

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